Is Your Smartphone Getting Too Smart for You?

Cell phone carriers and manufacturers continue to add more and more features to every phone they sell.  Now your phone can surf the Web, manage your calendar, send and receive e-mails, allow you to communicate with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, and allow you to create or edit documents or spreadsheets.  Many people like smartphones because of the larger keyboard.

One of the most frequent requests we receive from our customers is for a better way to manage their e-mails.  Most people setup their e-mails to go to both their PC and phone.  But the problem is that if you send a reply on your phone, you can't see that reply on your PC.  Or if you receive an e-mail on your PC, you can't see that e-mail on your phone.

We can fix these problems by configuring your smartphone with a Virtual Exchange Server.  Your current e-mail provider may already provide this service.  We will determine the best solution for your situation, implement that solution, and show you everything you need to know to be productive with your smartphone.