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Hurricane Season is Here -- Are Your Computers Ready For a Disaster? Every year when hurricane season arrives, the discussion turns (at least for a short while) to the topic of disaster recovery. What would happen to your business (or home) records if your computer systems were destroyed in a disaster?
Three Easy Steps to Speed Up Your Computer After awhile, your computer can slow down even if you've been doing the same things with your computer. The three steps below will get your computer running faster and more efficiently.
Is Your Smartphone Getting Too Smart for You? Cell phone carriers and manufacturers continue to add more and more features to every phone they sell. Now your phone can surf the Web, manage your calendar, send and receive e-mails, allow you to communicate with your friends on Facebook or Twitter, and allow you to create or edit documents or spreadsheets.



Viruses, Spyware and Social Engineering Computer users such as yourself have heard about computer viruses and spyware for years. Most anti-virus programs do a good (but not perfect) job of keeping viruses and spyware out of your computer.