Services we offer at Clerc Computer Consulting

Software – We help you determine what software you need that best helps you to accomplish what you want. We purchase, install, configure, train, upgrade and troubleshoot software. We maintain antivirus protection, and remove viruses and spyware on Macs and Windows PCs.

Hardware – We work on all models of desktops, laptops, servers, tablets, smartphones and printers. We help you determine the best hardware solutions to your particular problems. We purchase, upgrade, install, configure, train and troubleshoot all hardware configurations.

Integration – We help you access all your “stuff” (everything from corporate databases to personal photos and music) from anywhere on any device. For example, we can help you access your work data from home, your home stuff from work or on the road, while using your laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Internet – We can make sure everyone has secure access to the Internet and cloud. We can set up private and public Wi-Fi hotspots for you and your guests in your office or home.

Networking – We make sure all your devices can access all other devices in your office or home. Examples are printing from your phone, tablet, or laptop from anywhere in your home or office.

Training – We provide one-on-one or small group training to teach you what you want to learn on your equipment in your own environment. That way you learn at your speed and don’t waste your time being taught something you already know or don’t need.

Backup – We design and implement backup and disaster recovery plans for your business and home.

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